I have been a fan of Alphaville since 1985 when I heard the my sister playing her big in japan 7" single.
The First LP I got was Forever Young in 1986, i followed the group until 2003,
Then i seemed to stop as i had a young famiy.

In 2010 i noticed Alphaville had released a new album Catching rays on Giant,
I bought this and was impressed that they were still around.

2017 Strange Attractor came along, a 7 year break from the last album.
Then came the Lockdown in the UK in 2020, Managed to Purchase the Live at Whisky a Go Go box set.

I then discovered Discogs and this opened up a new chapter for me,
My collection grew from just a few albums to what it is today.

I live in Durham in the North east of England with my Wife, Daughter, 2 dogs and a cat :-).
I work for Durham University at Durham Castle, been there for over 10 years and love it.

I also collect Sandra and Enigma CD's.

My other hobbies are Xbox and Marvel Movies.

If you require any further information then I can be reached via my contacts page.